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impromptu chambers gathering

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From the sounds of things, and volume of PM's I've gotten on chambers for this weekend, it sounds like there may be quite a collection of forum members up there this weekend - Mostly on Saturday, but some on Sunday. Perhaps we should have some way to recognize one another? Any suggestions (name tags aren't visible from a distance).

If you see a red 89 honda civic with U of Washington and U of Wisconsin stickers on rear window, that's mine. I'm 6' call, red hair, black pants/boots, forest green parka and hood or black hat with ear flaps. Shoul have blaze orange hand warmer tube on my belly and pull a jet sled. During summer, you might have seen me buzzing around to various lakes with a 14' canoe on top of the civic in Fort Collins and Loveland.
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I am good for going whatever day makes no diff to me jsut ill go when eveyone else does.
So sounds like most everyone is going up Sunday anyone want to carpool up to save some gas I can drive.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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