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impromptu chambers gathering

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From the sounds of things, and volume of PM's I've gotten on chambers for this weekend, it sounds like there may be quite a collection of forum members up there this weekend - Mostly on Saturday, but some on Sunday. Perhaps we should have some way to recognize one another? Any suggestions (name tags aren't visible from a distance).

If you see a red 89 honda civic with U of Washington and U of Wisconsin stickers on rear window, that's mine. I'm 6' call, red hair, black pants/boots, forest green parka and hood or black hat with ear flaps. Shoul have blaze orange hand warmer tube on my belly and pull a jet sled. During summer, you might have seen me buzzing around to various lakes with a 14' canoe on top of the civic in Fort Collins and Loveland.
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I definately cannot go Sat. but am interested in Sunday.
Cutthroat said:
I've clearly visited the forum too much, today.  Lots of people planning to go both days, so perhaps we should start suggesting some way to recognize one another from a distance?  Most people can manage a white rag or t-shirt tied around an arm or something like that, I think. 
I hear that, Cut! I am Jonesin' so bad for ice that I have been addicted to various forums for several days now. One ice hits good I will be on forums less...
Grizz3767 said:
How was Chambers fellas?  What was weather like and how was the bite!  Let us know.

Tight Lines and Bent Rods!
In a word: COLD!
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