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Made it out Friday for a couple hours to fish the Poudre in town. Sadly, I have NEVER caught a fish in February before (I don't ice fish), so I figured this would be an easy way to break that curse. Fished small jerkbaits and was able to land a few fish and miss about seven or eight others in classic jerkbait fashion. Even pulled out this guy that went 17.5 inches (I suffer from big hand syndrome). As a usual run and gunner, fishing there Friday reminded me it is best to stay in high percentage areas and slow down your baits this time of year. Simple enough in concept, but I always find myself fishing too fast when the season first starts off.

Pretty lame report, but hopefully it will cause some others to speak of their greater weekend experiences and maybe make you think about how to approach open water the next few weeks. I for one am just grateful that I survived the month of February without going insane....I feel there is a reason it only has 28 days....
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