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Went down to Mid Island area and fished from 5:30 until 8:30 PM. Not a bite for me.
I can't see squat in the dark.
I couldn't see my rod tips while trolling from one location to another.
Wanted to toss lures in the shallows along the shore but couldn't see well enough to find the holes in the brush. Worked at it along the North Shore for a while with no luck.
Tossed some top water.
Tossed a Tube, Tossed Rouges, Frenzies, and even tried a big Kastmaster in deeper water.
Its Shad soup for most of the area and I drifted over alot of Carp that I surprised with the canoe.
No wind and no Moon.
Over heard talk on another boat that they were trying for Wiper with worms, they kept snagging Shad while working their rigs.
Shad Soup.
I had lots of fish jump out of the water while I was trying to find the boat ramp in the over grown brush and dark. none fell in my canoe.

Was a interesting night. I need a little moon to fish by.
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