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infisherman mag?

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is it just me or is "infisherman" going down the tubes a this issue only 72 pages and it is a 2 month issue what is your second favorite fishing mag (colorado fisherman being your favorite)
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I am a big Infisherman fan! The last issue was small, but at least In-Fisherman publishs new idea's! I really don't need to the one hundreth rendition of how to fish bottom bouncers again.

Corey Schmidt who is a writer for In-Fisherman grew up here in Aurora! He worked for the Alpine Angler.
Ken please don'y take that as a shot at you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you didn't think I was reffering to you?

I have nothing but total respect for you and Donald!! After I get back from Glendo this weekend I plan on hunting down a copy!
the best there is, Doug will eagerly answer questions, have received several e-mails- even just checking up and seeing how ideas panned out, also have most of the videos, seems like I can usually take an idea or two and apply here and there, last week during the cloud cover I tried a wacky worm under a casting bubble for smallies and it worked well.
I grew up catfishing the rivers and lakes of Nebraska and one day, at the very beginings of infisherman, I met Doug Stange. He showed me a lot and introduced me to some now popular techniques. I was young then, 13 or 14. BUt his influence on me continues to this day and comes through in his magazine.
i wasnt discounting the quality of the content but the amount of content the previous issues were all well over 100 pages even 120pages that issue was only 72 and it was a 2 month issue i think it was ken that said infisherman was a 10 issue mag but there have allready been 3 double month issues this year that i know of that allready only adds up to 9 issues unless they have 2 issues the same month. the reason for doubling up on and covering 2 months in 1 issue is so that you can have a decent size mag and this during the sumer and there are alsorts of fishing ops going on whats going to happen in nov/dec?

kinda like haveing really good toilet paper but only 2 squares!
In Fisherman is a great read and Doug Stange is a great guy who I keep tabs with via email. For catfishing, they provide some of the best info around.
However many of their techniques just do not apply to Colorado, in particular the Western Slope, because their fish patterns often center around natural lakes that have pelagic baitfish, which western Colorado has NONE of. Pelagic baitfish cause fish to behave totally different up there than on the West Slope, where fish are less aggressive and tougher to pattern, and call for smaller, more finesse like presentations because their are no pelagic baitfish.
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