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Inflatable boats/kayaks

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I picked up a belly boat recently. It has one of  those inflatable seats and I'm thinking of putting some short oars on it for bigger lakes. I'm considering something more substantial, though, and I was wondering about those inflatable boats/kayaks that are substantial enough to take on whitewater (not that I would). Do any of you have experience with them? I am talking about those in the low to mid hundreds. Sure would be a lot more portable to those mountain lakes than a kayak or pontoon would be.
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There is an entire message board at devoted solely to float tubes, pontoons, etc. for fishing. Those guys will be able to help if someone here doesn't have all the answers. Go to:

Click on the "Float Tubing" section. Some of those guys go to unbelieveable lengths to trick out theirb tubes!

I have rented the white water rated inflatable kayaks before and yes they will hold up to a lot of punishment, things that would destroy an alum. conoe. sorry i have no idea what the price tag was on it though, but i bet it was top of the line. not fammiliar with the ones in your price range.
I have a Pelican kayak and just love it. I use it on smaller lakes and ponds and its very stable. Its a sit on top(SOT) not a sit within. This, I think is far more practical for fishing. It paddles great. I have a small anchor because these will get blown around pretty easy. And its very portable-only weighs 36 lbs. I got mine a PepBoys for $269 which is about as cheap as they come. Ed
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