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Is it a good idea?

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Maybe I am have this all wrong but I don't think its a good idea to show locations where fish were caught on a map or publish the gps coordinates. Our lakes receive enough angler pressure without showing everyone who visits this site the locations of fish caught. If you do this then IMHO if you go our to the lake and there are 4 boats parked on your honey hole, you don't get to complain. I live in Colo. Springs and fish Brush Hollow and especially Pueblo. Sometimes I'll tell a friend or acquaintance of an area where I have been getting bit but I darn sure won't come on this site and pass this info on to dozens or hundreds of people I don't even know. Call me greedy if you want. I don't know if these "stranger" observe all the length limits, if they keep more fish then allowed, etc.

I just think it shortsighted to publish fish locations. Ed
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People who catch fish are going to be happy and keep on buying fishing licenses. Since the revenues from these license is what keeps are waters stocked  it only helps letting people know where the fish are biting.  As long as the fishing regulations are followed no harm done. Many people forget that CO. D.O.W is not funded through taxes but by the revenue generated from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses.
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