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I had planned to get all political on this one, but I'll keep it fun.

I will say that I know some people hate Northerns. They're vicious, can get really big, and eat fish and large baits..

Well, that's exactly what makes them exciting and fun to catch. This is from over a month ago, and my daughter's still stoked. Even trying to plan a trip to Canada (because of a poster tourism book she got from a fishing expo back in January) lol

Anyways, short story. I took her on one trip. She got to wear her waders for the first time. They're still way to big for her. She didn't catch, I caught a few. After, we took both kids somewhere else, and they slammed Bass, Crappie, and Bluegill.

She really wanted another shot, so we went back a week or two later.

Thought it was going to be a bust. I landed a decent Bass, but we were running out of time. We met up with Kara and Michael with few minutes left. She was throwing a swimbait. Before we started (both trips), I warned her that fish would follow it in, and not to be scared. Early that morning one did, and only excited her. She claimed it was the biggest Northern she had ever seen, and really wanted to catch one. Now, towards the end of the day, she pulled her swimbait out of the water. A decent Northern followed it. Jumping after the bait! Her eyes got big, and she backed up a few steps. lol. She then begged her mom and brother for more time. It didn't take long.. She cracked me up. She yelled "Fish On" and Get the net!" Only it sounded like all one word. It was a nice one, and put up a good fight. She stuck it though :thumb:


The kids always steal my good hats. That was my Dynamics Lures hat.. :-\

Still a great day, and we all caught a lot of fish at another location after...

Now it was Bella's turn

Can you see her smile? :biggrin1:

We took it out of the water so Kara could get a couple of quick pictures

Although, I imagine she'll switch back to Bass next summer. Right now Northern Pike is my 9 year olds favorite fish. I won't be able to take her to Canada. However, I have a couple of spots in mind to take the family next spring ;)

Thanks for reading. Please support Northern Pike in (at least some) Colorado waters

1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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