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It's Almost Time to Rumble

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It’s almost prime time for me. I usually take off the first 2 weeks of May to go fishing. But I am only taking 1 week off this year because of COVID. With that mind, I took the family out for a practice run. My son fished for maybe 10 minutes. No one else was interested in fishing. :cry: I also stocked up on some necessities for the upcoming week of fishing. It's gonna be hot out there. Gotta quench that thirst. 😄😎

Fish Vertebrate Fish Bass Striper bass

Sky Mountain Fun Tourism Friendship
Fish Bass Fishing Fishing rod Suzuki
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Great looking family AO. You are blessed.

Digging on the Jameson, NRX and Stradic.

I’m going to take a week also and hit my fav NE and SE spots .

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Thanks! Jameson has a lot of nostalgic value for me... If you could have your first love (Jameson) with your current favorite (MaCallan), wouldn't you? 😄 With water temperatures finally hitting the 60 degree mark, fishing for warm water species should be good in the coming days.
Nice hybrid. Love the shoulders on them
It's a white bass, but that lake does have hybrids too. I could have checked the tongue patches to be almost 100% sure, but there is no distinction in terms of the daily bag limit there. :devilish: So yeah, who cares whether it's a white bass or hybrid; I just had to be a pedantic jerk. 😄

PS: In Kansas, the limit for hybrids/wipers is only 2 fish, while there is no bag limit on white bass. It's good to know the difference between the two species there. 😄 But hybrids can cross breed back with white bass. It's very hard to tell which species some of those fish belong to. I have seen tongue patches that are separate, but so close together, it would be hard to argue whether they are two distinct patches or a single one. Those are the few fish that make it back into the water. :devilish:😄
Cool stuff! I am wishing I had a boat right about now.

I wish Colorado had those regulations. People keep too many Wipers here IMO.
A separate limit for wipers and white bass makes a lot of sense. White bass live 4 years on average, breed like rats, so they don’t cost much to stock/maintain. Wipers live longer, grow larger (have potential for trophy fish), and they don’t really reproduce*, so the cost to stock/maintain them is higher.

* Except for cases of crossing with white bass, and those don't grow as large as wipers, so they lose their value as wipers.
Congrats on the new boat! Will text you.
Shows you how much I know! The white bass I’ve caught here in Arkansas are half that size or no where near the shoulders!
It's actually a small fish. But you are right, it's a healthy fish. I usually take a picture with my rod or other objects for size reference when it's a decent fish. There is no rod in that picture. ;) This is a chunky wiper:
Fish Fish Bluegill Tilapia Bass

Yeah, it's dead... I caught it but friend ate it. He couldn't stand the thought of letting that many pounds of fish go... 😄
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I'll be heading out east the next nice (no wind) weekend. Maybe I'll see ya out there...
Wind is actually good for wipers and white bass. No wind is better for crappies. I don't mind either. I just don't want a cold front this time of the year. When the water is already warm, cold fronts may actually get the wipers and white bass going. I'll be out at least every weekend for the next couple of months, no matter what the weather does.
Excellent! No need to go that far though-
Ya can't play this as as a theme song of a 30 minute trip:
And did play that song when we set out last weekend (and most trips that are 3 hours away or longer). I kinda believe that you have to suffer that long drive to enjoy the reward. It would be no fun to just drive drive, catch your limit and come home. "The more you suffer..." 😄

I did some thinking the other day, and I'm gonna start playing this as the arrival theme song when I go far enough:

Should go well with a rising sun after an all nighter. Would be cooler on a horse though... 😄 I've had the departure them song for a while, but overlooked the arrival one.
I couldn't even begin to dream at 7:45 PM... Just barely awake. 😄
That fishing friend didn't last long-
I assume that you mean that that fishing friendship didn't last long. Not that the friend didn't last long, cuz I didn't know that staying up late was that dangerous... :oops: And if it is, then I am a brave man. 😄
Nothing good ever happens after midnight-
That's why you need to stay up, so you can prevent those bad things from happening. 😄 I'm kinda joking but, from an evolutionary standpoint, you needed both morning people and midnight owls around cuz bad things could happen at night in the woods. I'd argue that the midnight owls were more valuable cuz all the weaklings got up early and went to bed early (e.g., children, old folks...), leaving the badasses to stay up at night. 😄
I just sent a report to our CFO, and I'm gonna called it a workday. There is a good chance she might read it tonight. The night is still young, so I gonna go smoke me a cigarette, then hit some weights. :cool: Sweet dreams can wait a little longer. 😄
Hmm... There is a difference between staying up late and not being productive. I know guys who will stay up all night and still outlast the dudes who went to bed early. No performance enhancing drugs involved, mind you. ;) Now, there's definitely people who aren't reliable. I'll put up with a reliable person, whether they are morning people or midnight owls. Schedules just line up better if they can last later into the night. :cool:
I am looking forward to help you quench your thirst this weekend AO.
We shall quench our thirst for liquids and binge fishing, my friend. I don't think you enjoy the road trip part, but I shall quench my thirst for that too. 😄
On second thought, scratch those plans, Lovetofish. Looks like I won't even be able to get on my boat, because there isn't a lake where that can be done within 10 miles of my house: No Front Rangers allowed to drive west - Colorado Fishing Forum
Bummer... :cry:

When I was looking for boats last year, I knew this would be the perfect truck and boat combo for me: Bass Pro Shops® Imagination Adventure Ford® F-250 Saltwater Playset : Cabela's
Economical, fits in the garage, can be dropped in any body of water... I've made a big mistake... :(
The way I see it, it's another year (or more) from until we get a COVID vaccine. Can't stay cooped up at home all that time...
They do have a sign at the entrance that says something about Larimer County residents only.
Oof! I haven't seen any signs yet where I have been going. And I hope not to come across any...
.......yet curbing illegal immigration is to much of a burden to the budget....
The gunny pigs ran us out of gunnison county at gun point. They use licenses plate readers on IN and OUT roads, they come look for you if you arnt seen leaving within a certain time frame...Legitimately had bluedogs fallow us from Taylor to Blue and then out past monarch’s way past unconstitutional my friends. Was told if we stoped we would be arrested and charged as a terrorist.... no joke. Terrorists don’t get rights.
But it’s to keep us safe....right??

Free men should have that Jefferson quote should be ringing in your ears so loud it hurts during all this China virus crap.
That sounds kinda baroque to me... Or maybe alt-right? 😄
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Grotesque, extravagant, fanciful... Out there, in plain English...
Somebody likes his word a day calendar.
That' a nice expression. Gonna add it to my inventory. People have accused me of being a pedantic jerk before... But I was really just trying to find the right word. I learned written/formal English before learning how folks actually speak English... Couldn't think of "out there" in the first place. Sorry.

Try fishing the Taylor river spillway and see for yourself.
That's kinda far for slimers... I'm going to stick with my safe zone, within 10 miles of my house. 😄
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