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It's been a good year for medium perch...

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Tired of bows, said I was gonna get some perch and thats just what we did.

Hooked up with Nate, SD Flagchaser, Ronco, Moosemilk and Randy for some fun in the sun. Funky ice, the hated slush, and methane pockets made for some great conversations. Man I prefer ice fishing when it's not icy. :D

OOPS- Forgot Shoe and Regan!

Got a bonus Brown that's still swimming happily-

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How long was the biggest?

Good work fellas...

Mikey, I drove thru Atown only limited skim ice that barely held the geese that were on it...even in the usual first to freeze marina..
9.5-9.75". Yeah itll prolly be new years b4 metro is ready.
2 years. But they didnt drain it dead. Still had a decent pool.
Glad you cracked 9in. I should of moved around more on Friday. Walking out, I talked to a guy that lives there. He said the DOW put a bunch of perch in there, after they drew it down, says they want to manage it as a premier perch lake ???

Says there are some big Browns in there if you can find them ;)

How was the walk in :eek: I'm still a little sore from Friday, packed too much in 8)
Walk in was fine.Took the "high" road much easier. Had to break trail on it but no biggie. We fished 3 different areas. Got the same fish each place.
Yeah Ive caught like 3,000 rainbows this year already. Sick, sick, sick of them!:D

Kinda fun getting a touch every few seconds!

Plus, they taste good!
How thick was the ice?
Thick enough8)
1 - 6 of 24 Posts
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