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Greetings & salutations, everyone~

It's been a while since I posted a fishing report on CF. Heck, it's been a while since I posted a report on any website for that matter! I guess you could say it's water under the bridge and other responsibilities cutting into our free time.

I see a few members from "back in the day" are still around but the total membership has really shot through the roof!

We still occasionally run into Don B. out at his Aurora gig. Over the years he's given us a few tips & pointers that have been helpful. On our last visit just the other week, he made a suggestion regarding our upcoming laker excursion. (More on that, later). We thought we owe him a report so here we go...

With a couple of weekends to burn, my wife, Carol (who's not only my fishing partner but also my partner in crime) headed up the hill towards Glenwood Springs for a little fishing, sightseeing, dining and whatever other balderdash, malarkey & tommyrot we could find, i.e.… "goofing-off". (Our "fishing" trips aren't just for fishing).

We hit Glenwood Canyon late in the afternoon. With all the moisture we've been receiving, everything was greening-up nicely.

We had dinner at a trendy restaurant called "The Pullman" that was recommended to us before we left. The food and service wasn't bad but I thought it was a little on the pricey side. Still, we had a good time!

It started to rain again so we went back to the motel and watched a movie, then sacked out early.

Subsequently, I got up before dawn. The confluence of the Colorado & Roaring Fork rivers was right behind our hotel so I hit the bike path which went over the Colorado and under the Union Pacific railroad tracks.
I had to climb down to get to a small gravel spit right between the rivers and I started tossing a small crank bait. It seemed to be just the trick!

…and a small brownie, too.

I walked back to the motel, grabbed two cups of coffee, and arrived at the room as Carol was getting up. I told her the bow's were hittin' so she downed her coffee, grabbed her rig, and we walked back down to the river.

Carol gets cold real easy but it doesn't always stop her from fishing. She quickly got a bow from the Roaring Fork side under the trestle.

I stayed on the Colorado side and nailed a big female!

In the morning we wanted to hit more sections of the Colorado and maybe drive down Hwy 24 through the Arkansas Valley but that would have to wait… the weather was ridiculous.

About two weeks later, we scheduled another extended weekend. *This time we did target the Arkansas Valley for a chance at some Lake trout, among other fish. As you know, ice out is the best chance to get them to hit from shore before they go deep for the summer.

We were going to start at Turquoise Lake. Before we left, Carol decided to wear her snow leopard hat for good luck!

The ice was just about all the way off which, we though at the time, was a good sign.

We went down to the dam but all we managed was quite a few small rainbows. They had some real nice iridescent coloring but other than that, it wasn't what we were looking for. I'm blaming that hat!

That afternoon, the weather started moving in again. We headed down to Lower Twin Lake. A storm was moving in and the water was getting pretty choppy.

At least it wasn't snowing or raining yet. Several boats trailered-up and people fishing around the lake were packing-up and leaving. Perhaps we should have, too but we weren't leaving until we gave it at least a fair chance, (plus I didn't want to waste or carry a bunch of smelly sucker meat!).

We set-up a few rigs with tube jigs and sucker meat that Carol kept an eye on while I tossed some big spoons, kastys and cranks about 20 yards away. (Don't worry… we have extra rod stamps). After about 20 minutes, Carol yelled over to me to come and grab the net! I ran over the rocks like a mountain goat and as I picked up the net, I could see she had a fairly decent Laker on! Yeehaw! Our stubbornness, (or ignorance), paid-off!

With the weather bearing down on us, we called it good and left for warmer environs. The Coyote Cantina in Johnson's Village (by the jail south of Buena Vista) has excellent fajitas so we stopped at our room to clean up and went out to celebrate!

The CC is a fun place. One day I'm going to hook a fish like the one they have hanging from the ceiling!

The band was made up of a bunch of illegal aliens!

I heard Carol relating her catch earlier in the day to some fellow patrons, so… I threw her in jail!

Fortunately for her, the Governor called in a last minute reprieve.

The crowd saw what I did so I was immediately benched in the iron bar hotel… but I wasn't worried.

I knew the Governor would call me, too and… and… "We're sorry, the Governor is out buying some voters right now and can't come to the phone but if you'll leave your name & number, he'll get right back to you. Thank you."

I wanted one good shot of Mt. Princeton at some point during the trip because of all the low lying clouds. I did manage one fairly decent shot. I love mountains!

We stopped at Clear Creek Reservoir for a while and caught a few bows on a fly & bubble rig. I always liked using a F & B so it was a real treat to land a nice 21" bow on a Montera Marvel!

Before we headed home, we had one more stop. I used to nail them at this place all the time. *Now I couldn't buy one but Carol did stick the only one on a Thomas Buoyant. This was definitely her trip!

We had a great time, weather not withstanding. As long as we're doing what makes us happy… it's all good!

On a final note, I hit Quincy last week and managed two. One was a small male and the other was a bigger girl.

A guy on a pontoon said his thermometer registered a temp of 55 degrees. I think they prefer 65 degrees to spawn? I could be wrong but if that's close to being true, we could have a good bass bite until mid-July! I'll take that!

Thanks for the tips on the Lakers, Don!

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Hi Eric! Good to hear from you again. Would you believe I still have those flies that Guy tied for you especially for your koke fishing? One way or another I'm going to get them to you one of these days!

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I was on my best behaviour-
Why, Mike? It never seemed to have stopped you before... :rolleyes: Here, let me help… "Gee, there's nothing flat about Colorado.. :biggrin1: "

(I'm usually on double secret probation for something I've said or done, anyway. :tape: )

Besides.. I kinda like a guy who can fish & have an avatar of the hottest cast-a-way… Mary Ann!
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