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It's been fun...

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I have to start off by saying that I've learned alot from reading this board on a daily basis. There is a lot of valuable information posted on here each and every day that makes trying new things fun.

I must say goodbye to Colorado though. My company is transfering me to Oklahoma after 4 years of living here. Quincy quickly became my favorite lake to fish since I think of fishing there for the past 3 years, I think I've only been skunked there twice.

Though in some sense I'm sad about leaving one of the best fishing and hunting states in the US, I also know that I'll be able to get into alot of big lagemouth bass and my favorite... crappies!

Good luck to everyone and keep bringing in the fish!
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good luck in catching fish where ever you go
thanks for being an active member of the site---- stop in sometimes to keep us informed on your oklahoma fishng experiences.

and oh yeah...send us some pics of some slab crappies....
Good luck bro and be safe out there!!

Take care and keep your lines tight.
good luck out there hope you enjoy them slab crappie i shure would
looking forward to the crappie pics, have fun in oklahoma...where the wind comes sweeping down the plains...lalala...or something like that
Sad to hear you are leaving .. But im pretty sure OK has good LARGEMOUTH and CRAPPIE fishing as well .. maybe even better.. Maybe you'll come back and visit your favorite places here in colorado and report back to us.. Well you can always tell us how them fishing trips over there are .. JUST KEEP US POSTED..!

Good luck in OK! Check in with us and let us know how the crappies are doing there!


PS beware of tornadoes!
Hey bud,

I wish you the best out there. Get em crappies good. Feel free to drop in and chit chat with us whenever you want. Thanks for being part of the forum. Like the rest said, send us some fishing pics. Til then, you take it easy.

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