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Fished from boat from 9-4pm got skunked and irritated. Didn't see any other boats catching fish. Tried trolling, drifting crawlers, and jigging.

As Laker mentioned in another thread, let's keep our distance from each other. Was trolling and a guy pulled 20 - 30 feet in front of me then stopped. When I glared at him, he moved, set up his rods, then proceeded to troll in front of me at a faster speed.

There's no need for that stuff guys, we're all out there to catch fish, let's keep it enjoyable. It isn't even Memorial Day yet!


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Thanks for the update on Jackson,you are very persistant.I fell in love with Jackson last year,wipers and big trout.From looking at last years post it seems that by the end of this month things should really pick up.Caught my first wiper there last year and now i think i am addicted to catching those drag screamers.


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Lyn, the earliest I fished Jackson last year was the week before Memorial Day. My Dad came out and we fished a different place each day. I think I either missed out on the wiper action or was too early. He ended up getting a wiper and a rainbow and I got an undersized walleye.

I live close to both Chatfield and Cherry Creek but I really don't like combat fishing :)

He's got plane tickets for the same time this year but we haven't decided on fishing plans. I prefer East rather than the mountains only because of crowds but I'm leaning towards Grand Lake, Grandby, Shadow Mountain, Williams Fork, and Wolford this year. I'll be checking them out once ice is off.

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Was trolling and a guy pulled 20 - 30 feet in front of me then stopped.  When I glared at him, he moved, set up his rods, then proceeded to troll in front of me at a faster speed.
I had a similar situation at a local lake the other day. Jigging one spot, a boat with three guys comes over and they start casting and jigging right next to us, we move and guess what?? ?? An hour later the three amigos come trolling right over us, they had been watching the area we had been working so they decided to troll only a few feet from us with a spread of planer boards 100 feet wide.

I guess I should have a heavy rod rigged with 100 pound test braid and a large snagging treble rigged at all times. Start getting me some lures and planer boards. I've combat fished in Alaska plenty, it's actually quite fun. The only time it's a pain is when a FNG comes in and starts snagging everyone's rigs. 99% of Alaskans who combat fish are friendly, courteous and willing to lend a hand. Come on people, it's a big lake, be courteous.

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Whaler said:
Any idea what the water temps were? We've fished Jackson a couple of times, but always too early, too cold.
The fish finder on the stern said the water temp was between 38 and 40 (depending on the part of the lake). The fish finder on the trolling motor (a little deeper) was reading between 42 and 46.

Dan said:
what is the water level there? I have heard its full. Last year the best wiper fishing (per reports) was when the inlet was flowing.
Water level is full pool. The State Parks web site says the inlet is running but if it is, there isn't any current ::) The outlet isn't running yet and I suspect once they get the irrigation draws started and the inlet running, things will pick up for wiper.
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