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Jackson - Dead Carp

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For those of you concerned or wondering why there are so many dead carp in Jackson Lake, here are a couple of websites that may provide some sort of an explanation.
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wOw, Thanks man. One story says it could be a virus and the other says its due to their hard work during the spawn.

Thanx again

Not sure which it is, but probably related to one or the other. At least it appears to be natural, and not related to the water quality of the lake.
Mother nature takes care of herself all the time. Maybe she is just trying to keep things in balance!

Or maybe she's like most people and just dont like them ???

Jay_In_Parker said:
Or maybe she's like most people and just dont like them  ???

I dunno why, but I thought that was pretty funny...... :D
Because it is funny!
I will second/third that last thought!
Now don't go messing with Mom Nature........she always wins in the end!

I asked Jim Ramsay from the DOW about all the dead carp at Lake Henry this is what he said, I'm sure it applies to jackson as well.
Thank you for your interest in fishing in Henry Lake. As you are aware, carp populations can experience some large die-offs in spring. This phenomenon occurs in many lakes in southeast Colorado. Carp congregate in the shallows during early to mid spring, preparing to spawn, and are very active and aggressive. Many of the fish actually ?beach? themselves as they flop around in the shallows. Aggressive males actively pursue females as they attempt to spawn as water temperatures approach 62 degrees. As a fish manager, some carp die-offs are a welcomed event, as it helps keep the populations in check and helps prevent over-population of carp in our reservoirs. I hope this helps to answer your question.
There are a lot of dead carp there, floating in the middle, along the shore and up the inlet canal. They all are 2 feet or longer. Did ot see any small dead ones. Makes me think they probably died from the stress of spawning.

hey you talked to jim
i know jim
he is a good guy
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