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Jackson Res 4/24/05

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Went out Sunday mourning. Caught a few wipers in the inlet early mourning then action slowed. Hopped in to boat and trolling most of the day in 7-12ft water. Caught 7 nice trout around 20" at the dam #1-#30 and camping area using rattle traps. Action was pretty good for trout but very slow for wipers on the lake. I think your best bet for wipers is to hit Union on the rite day or go all the way down to Queens Res. Nee Noshe is also doing very well, wipers are rangeing in the 20" mark. Enough secrets for now. Good luck to you all. I'll keep you guys posted.

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Hit Jackson from about noon til 2 PM yesterday. Got blown off the water. Scratched the hell out of my boat getting it on the trailer. That boat ramp is in a terrible location, especially if the wind is from the EAst. Caught an 18" 'bow about 10 min. after I started trolling. Followed it up with 2 more. I didn't realize there was that kind of rainbow action there.
Yeah, trout run big there. The action is great if the wind coperates. Troll along the camping area to the dam by the outlet, just be on that path and you'll run into them, for sure.
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