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Got there about 10:00am and fished until the waves started crashing over the stern at about 2:00pm. Drifted crawler on a harness, jigs, and minnows. Got the old skunkaroo. Saw a lot of fish on structure at 15 fow. Marked no fish at the inlet. Fish finder said water was 32 degrees (transducer is shallow so my readings can be off).

Saw one other guy in a boat and one guy fishing the launch jetti. The guy in the boat was trolling but I didn't see any fish. The guy at the jetti hadn't been there long before giving up. The ranger I talked to mentioned they were catching stocker sized trout at the inlet by the bridge.

It's gonna be a couple more weeks. :'(

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Thanks for the update.If the fishing is even close to what it was last May-June,It will be off the hook(or should I say lots of wiper on the hook)

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