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Tried to beat the blizzard out of Larkspur Thursday morning and just barely got out of my driveway. Then we drove to Jackson Reservoir for the CWA tourney. Thursday afternoon was awful with pouring rain and dangerous waves. Not one boat launched. Friday it was more of the same and I decided not to practice. Glad I did because the teams that did practice got beat to ****! Saturday was a disaster for most of us including myself. Never had a more uncomfortable or lousy day fishing in my life!!! I didn't catch a single fish day one. Sunday started out dead calm and no one was catching anything all morning. I decided to just grind it out shallow and hope the sun would work its magic that afternoon. I finally found them in two feet of water and caught a limit of 11 lbs. To little to late but at least I left not so crushed, lol.

Not sure what to think of Jackson? The weather was so bad it is not fair to judge it this first time. I have never seen so many carp in my life!!!!! I bet we caught over a 100 lbs of carp on Sunday including two probably 20 pounders:mad: We also caught a dozen small wipers that seemed to be everywhere. Hope to get back there sometime when the weather is better!
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