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Jaw Jacker

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I am considering making a purchase. Are they effective when it is cold enough to re-freeze the hole in the ice? Is it very eazy to clear the ice without senting off the mechanism? Thanks for the input.
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It depends. If trout fishing, you should be fine clearing the hole but for perch I have it set extremely light and have set it off while clearing the hole
Its really no big deal to reel in for a few seconds and scoop ice, is it?
Its really no big deal to reel in for a few seconds and scoop ice, is it?
At 11-mile the hole freezes over quickly so it would be inconvenient to real in each time and reset the mechanism if that is necessary.
Gotcha. I guess you're wanting to have it set up outside the shelter then?
You don't reel in, just move the line to the side of the hole and clean, reset if it trips. After using them for an hour of fast action you can reset them with one hand without even looking
it is worth whatever effort it takes.
You can pick the line up off the trigger mechanism and scoop away!
I just use my hand to scoop ice from around the line. Just be careful not to stand directly over the jacker, so that if you bump the line you won't get whipped in the face
ive heard some folks like to use the bobbers from the automatic fisherman with the jjs. the bobbers are made so they can freeze in the hole and the line goes freely through the center of the bobber. I just do what mnbassfisher says and pull the line of the trigger so i do not accidentally hit the trigger. i think lightly lifting the line sometimes even triggers a bite.
must buy. I just pull it away from the hole and clear it. u dont want wqater on trigger as it freezes it.
Thanks for the insight, I will be making the purchase.
biggest fish on my JJ so far is a 3lb smallie, caught a 20inch laker in 12 fow once on it as well, ive used the JJ and the auto and the auto is a good setup but you dont have the option for fine tuning. i just hate the little tie on the side of the eyelet.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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