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Before you go out and spend a fortune on the latest lures with the hottest new colors, here are some thoughts from Jeff Butler, the Division of Wildlife?s radio and TV information specialist, about the whole fish attracting process and its place in the order of the universe.

Fish aren't as gullible as fishermen. They have the ability to resist all those lures that I couldn't when I went to the tackle shop.
Why is it that beat up flies and lures often catch more fish than brand new ones? This is a rhetorical question that should merely be accepted as fact.
The color of a lure isn't as important as its visibility in different light and water conditions.
Next time, rather than changing lures, I vow to vary my retrieve, fish it deeper or shallower, or, even when I think I'm fishing too slowly, slow down even more.
And finally, check my line for nicks and abrasions, and re-tie knots after every few fish...or, more often, snags.

Some of y'all probably already have seen this. IMO this is all pretty good advice. I liked this one. Just thought I'd share.
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