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Jefferson 7/29

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Went up again. Left at 5:00am didnt get there till about 7:00. Fished till 2:00. Got ahold of 2 bows one got to the boat then he threw the hook same with the other one. We saw a couple stalking trucks come out so we went over to check it out. They stocked 28,000 fingerling rainbow's. But the DOW officer said they were pretty much for the macks to eat. If any one is planning on going anywhere tonight go there. Fish in the general vicinity of the boat ramp. The Macks are going to be eating all of the little ones. It should be great fishing. Oh and if your hungry right before the turn on to the road before you hit the dirt one that brings you to the toll thing stop at the little red building. It's called hungry moose caboose. Very good very inexpensive. Two people and get cheesburgers and fries for 10$. Happy fishing
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Good report! Glad to see you getting out berfore the crowd. And good food advice! Hey maybe that's another topic!
Good report! Thanks.

I'll surely stop by the restaurant whent I get the chance to head up there.
notr so good fishing macs are no where to be found. plenty of people though it just amazes me how people just love to fish for 10inch stockers.
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