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Jefferson Lake 7/15-7/17

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This is my first post, but I love this web site.  I took my family and meet several other families up at Jefferson Lake for the weekend.  I got skunked, I could blame it on the fact that I was more occupied with untangling my 3-year old?s and 5-year old?s fishing poles every two minutes, but in reality it?s my lack of experience.  I tried using a couple of kastmasters off the shore just to the left of the ramp.  I had a lot of trouble avoiding snags, lost a few good lures, so I switched to Powerbait.  I didn?t have any luck, but my friends were out in a canoe and using Night Crawlers landed 7 rainbows and a lake trout.  I went out Saturday night with the canoe, but the wind had really picked up and as soon as I through a line in I would have to paddle like mad to keep from running into the shore.  It looked like a real mix of success, some people were pulling in a couple of small rainbows, but I never saw anything too impressive.

It's a great area, I will keep going back, it looks like it would be a lot of fun to fish down the creek, there are some promising beaver ponds.  We camped in the Lodgepole campground and it fills up quick, we were able to get there about noon on Friday, by about 4:00 the campground was full.  Then once you get to the lake, it's crowded also.  But it's a beautiful place.

On Sunday, we drove over to the Lost Creek wilderness area.  Has anyone ever fished the small creeks over there.  It's a nice place, but I wonder if there is any good fishing.
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welcome voorhik. If you get a chance, make your way to the inlet on the other side of the lake. You wont get into to many snags, no crowds, and should be able to catch bows all day long.
Welcome to the site bro!!!!

Thanks for the report

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