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Jefferson Lake

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Has anyone tried Jefferson through the ice? It's closer to me than Denver and was hoping to try next season if its worthwhile.
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I was up there 2x last year (early) and I and many others had ATVs up there.  It's a road but more of a seasonal one at that time of the year.  I think there was 5 ATVs and two sleds up there the one day. I think it's like Williams Fork. I was told no ATVs or sleds on it and we got up there last year and there had to be double digit machines running around there.
First off SKIPPY, I didn't do it because others were, I did it because I wanted to fish. Second, It's a fricken ROAD that cars drive on, Not forest area. I am not damanging any forest area drving up to Jefferson lake on said road. Have a great holiday there STIKBO.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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