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Well, the original plan today was to hit carson reservoir in the morning in the high country to get some brookies, and then to drive 25 minutes or so down lands end road to hit juniata to get a quick limit of walleye in the evening. We thought it was a perfect plan because the forest service said lands end road was open from bottom to top (to that highway). Well, the forest service was WRONG. There was still 4 or so feet of snow on lands end road. Obviously that ruined our carson reservoir and juniata reservoir ideas. (we didn't want to drive around to get to juniata, would take almost 2 hours.) So we thought about where we were going to go. South mesa lake is where I suggested. It is a hike in lake with an excellent population of brookies. The trail there had roughly 1 foot of snow too, so we didn't want to drag through that. We didn't want to hit vega without our boats since shore fishing is tough, so pretty much we had no other options. We decided to fish jerry creek.
We got there around 9:00 AM or so, and started catching bass immediately. Besides a few slow times we had where we were only catching a bass every 20 minutes or so, we were getting them all day. We fished around the whole lake, even inside the inlet. You wouldn't think largemouth bass would be inside that fast deep creek, but you would be wrong. They were even in there full force! We even had a topwater bite during the middle of the day because it got cloudy, which is awesome. We stayed until about 9:55 PM or so, and absolutely slayed the nice bass and monster bluegills on topwaters ALL DAY! Senkos worked well too when the sun came out.
For the whole day, I caught 65 largemouth bass and 3 bluegills. The smallest largemouth was 5" (hit my large rapala skitterpop, don't know what he was thinking)., and I caught about 5 bass in the 3 to 4 pound range. These ranged from 16-19". Most of the bass were the typical 10-15" though, but I did catch one bass that was 14", but I bet weighed 2 lbs! Fattest bass I've ever seen out of there. The three bluegills I caught were all when it was about dark, and everyone else were on different parts of the lake so I couldn't have them take a picture with me in it. The bluegills were 11",11", and 12" respectively. I got a picture of each of the 11" bluegills. They looked like clones. My dad was on the other side of the lake and he did get a picture, with him in it, of a nice 12" 2 lbs+ bluegill. Iceintheveins caught a super dinky bluegill out of there on a chartreuse floating rapala, only 9". Some flyfisherman were fishing across from me at the inlet and each probably caught 5-10 bull bluegills. They were using a dave's cricket imitation or something like that. In short, like always, if you are a western sloper or find yourself near jerry creek reservoirs, you better fish them! I remind you all it is catch and release and I urge you to throw back those monster bluegills! I know it is tempting but this fishery won't last if you keep them. I saw roughly 8 or 9 bluegills dead today, the biggest of which was nearly 14"!!! :'(
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