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I'm a little slow and maybe most of you already know this. This past weekend I deemed anytime outside might be warmer in a goose blind than a shanty. Debatable I know, anyway, I am tired of my offspring borrowing/ stealing/failing to return my collection of jigs and a lot of other outdoor items. This gave me the excuse to buy a couple jig boxes and continue to upgrade to tungsten jigs. So I decide to part with old collection of feather and proven great jigs. Most of which are dirty with mealworms/waxy/pbait parts and such. I'm thinking no big deal as most look subpar.

He somewhat graciously accepted them and then I told he had been banned from using any of ice gear!!! So what does he do, he fills one of my extra beer mugs with hot soapy water and tosses the 100 or so jigs into it that I was prepared to toss in the trash. The next morning like usual I'm up several hours before he stirs and go to check on his little science experiment. I about crapped, I want my jigs back, with the exception of few paint chips on some of them, they look good as new.
Moral of this story -- hot soapy overnight jig bath is time well spent. Maybe he will let me borrow some next time we are out---NOT.
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