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Joe Wright

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Fished joe wright on sun. the lake is half froze over. I caught 12 small grayling and 1 really nice bow(20 8)"). caught the grayling on a halfback and the bow on an egg pattern. ;D
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i was gonna head up that way this weekend for chambers and ranger lakes and hit joe wright where did u catch the grayling at were u using a bubble and fly and what size thanks
I caught the fish along the north side towards the inlet . The fish are cruising shallow. I was flyfishing but a bubble would work fine also. try around a size 14 halfback. good luck
I've had good luck there with a size 12-14 olive scud under a bobber...errrrrrrrr strike indicator...letting the waves do the work with a spinning rod...I wonder if the road into Long Draw Reservoir is open?
I was wondering about a place to catch grayling in colorado, that would be a new fish for me

It is a good place...and you can usually have it all to yourself...some good cuts in there too...Grayling have soft go easy on the hookset or you will just reel in a pair of lips without the fish attached!
We ice fished it this year and caught bo's,cutts,grayling and a small tiger muskie.Nothing over 13" except the tiger(16").Remember that the DOW stocked 50 brood lakers between 10 and 17 lbs. back in the fall!They've got to be still in there!
tiger muskie in joe wright ? , i never knew there was any in there , i also heard about those brood lakers , ill have to ice fish there and try to find one, slayer what did you catch that muskie on ?

kokaneeking said:
tiger muskie in joe wright ? ,  slayer what did you catch that muskie on ?
buddy got it on a gold 1/4 oz kasty.I've been searching for the pic but cant find it.It was on in jan.
Heres the pic of that little tiger musky,caught on 12-31-04.
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nice muskie slayer !!!, i need to ice fish up there , slayer when you ice fished elevenmile did you ever catch any pike ?
Not this past winter.I used to catch quite a few of them through the ice,it wasnt unusual to catch 5 or 6 hammer handles a day with prolly 3 or 4 @28 inches or better over the season.The last couple years it has really slowed down for pike for me anyway.
Slayerfish, you are a fishing madman! <tips hat>

You fish some fantastic spots that I only get to read about. Love the posts. Keep on fishing.
i've never fished there in the winter. definately on the list this year
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