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Hey guys. Im really into sports meorabilia, and in order for me to keep fishing, get to hang out with my friends, etc, im going to need money for the upcoming summer. So here it is. I am selling this John Elway autographed Mini helmet. It is a really neet item. I know alot of you maybe not caught up, but it has 2 Certificate of Authenticities with holograms on it. And Ive been around selling for a while, and it has a PSA/DNA hologram and certificate(In order for them to put the certificate on it, they have to have a picture, or have a person there witnessing the autograph) And a GridironAuthentics which has a COA and hologram and a picture of him signing on the COA. I will back it 200% if you get it tested and someone says its fake(Like a store or authentication company) I have over 180 bucks into it, Im only looking for 105 and that includes a nice case! Sorry for the crap pictures,

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