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Fished all day from sun up until about 1800. Water temp was 75 in the morning and 77 when I finally quit. Out in the belly boat, so I couldn't explore as much as I would like. I couldn't find any fish that were either edible or big enough to eat. First fish was a carp which was a complete surprise and also my first on a fly rod. Pretty fun fight. The next 100 or so fish were all white bass and either wipers or striped bass...ALL 6 inches or less in length. They weren't real particular about what fly they were eating as long as it was about the size of the shad they were chasing. I even had two double hook ups while running two flies. I tried everything I could think of to get to some bigger fish from sink tips and bigger flies in deep water to crawling stuff up and around submerged trees and the steepest drop offs I could find. Would LOVE to hit this place again when it's more conducive to catching bigger fish.
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