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Fished the stilling basin from 645am,buddy started in lake. I caught 2 saugeyes by 10am,1 on chartreuse twister 1 on minnow on bottom. I missed several early hits on the twister until I piked up my rod with fireline on it.First cast a 15"er.They were hitting amazingly light-just a slightly heavier sensation.Couldnt really tell with the mono. Went to join friend at lake, he hadnt had a bite at corner of dam,so we tried a shallow bay but nothing there so went back to basin.I got 2 more saugeyes on bottom minnow,missed 3 others. Pal got 1 sagy on same. Left for home at 430pm.Pretty slow day,but 80 degrees!Warmest I been this year-gonna make it pretty tough to do anymore iceifshing! Later-
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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