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Fished for a couple of hours on the spillway and river below John Martin.

Saw a few people catching some decent fish, but nothing spectacular for me. Was tossing some lures with no success in the spillway and wanted to try some bait for catfish, but I didn't have anything with me except a slice of pepperoni. I put that on and ending up catching a walleye with pepperoni. I thought that was pretty funny.

Caught a carp in the river and that was it for me.

I did bring the kayaks out 2 weeks ago down there and caught a bunch of tiny white bass and a few keepers. I didn't bring the kayaks this time, it was too windy to put them out anyway.

Since it's legal down there, I'm thinking of camping on the south shore and putting out some jug lines from my kayak for catfish. That would be fun.

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