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Now, I'll let you in on a secret about the most deadly lure for river trout: the curly tail grub. Don't laugh...I know they are a bass and walleye lure for the most part but they don't call me the troutfishingbear without a reason, so I'm not nuts (well, maybe I am but this works great). I like 3-4" curly tail grubs, in pumpkin color or in white. Rig them with a variety of round jigheads, ranging in weights from 1/16 to 1/4 oz. Fish them erratically and let them swing in the current. The browns love them and I've caught some nice bows on them too. Trust me on those...if you don't want to, the panther martin spinners in size 6 generally are the best bet.
If you are fishing unrestricted waters, meaning you can use bait, there really isn't a thing to match the effectiveness of a drifted nightcrawler. 6 pound test mono is PERFECT for colorado rivers, 4 pound is good for high mountain lakes though. I like tying on a #6 eagle claw baitholder, pinching the correct amount of weight in water gremlin sinkers sizes 3-5 roughly 16" above it, and puting on a good portion of a nightcrawler. Use enough weight so you barely tick bottom.

Here is proof, everything on here was caught on a drifted nightcrawler or curly tail grub. Mostly on drifted crawlers though.

I don't think you'd want to drive 4 hours to fish this fishery though, but its proof that my presentations will work. Enjoy your fishing experience in colorado.
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