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It's going to be tough at that time of year for a spin fisherman.... There are some GREAT streams if you want to pick up a flyrod and try it..

I would start with 11-mile canyon. Good polarized glasses will help you see the massive piles of fish in that river. I fished quite a bit last year in July at 11-mile as I had a 2month sabattical from work over the summer. I pounded the fish in the catch & release section all the way up at the top of the canyyon and down the first mile or so. I would start fishing at 6:00am and maybe fish till noon or so and never take off the size 20 adams I was using, except for being snapped off, or my fly becoming mutilated by so many fish!!! ;D I have a picture of the 23" brown I caught last July on my desk right now! Maybe he's up to 25" now!!

If you HAVE to use spinning tackle I would probably pay the $4 and go to North Catamount and put your hiking shoes on. It's off of the Pike's Peak Highway off Highway 24 toward Woodland Park - 15 miles out of town.

Hike up to the head of the lake and fish your way back to the Parking area. Small silver and orange spoons like a little cleo can really rake the fish in... Little spinners do well too if you let them sink a ways.On the other rod put a 3/8 or 1/2 oz. tube jig and pitch it out as far as you possible can. Let it sink ALL the way to the bottom and SLOWLY jig it back in.... Lots of lake trout in the 18-20" range.

Or go to 11-mile reservoir. That time of year should be good with power bait at Rocking Chair, Lazy Boy or Sucker Cove. Or you can rent a boat from 11 mile sports and troll 1/4 oz. silver spoons on a VERY long line. My Brother and I did that last year and got into some super nice fish. We just had to make sure we had lots of line out and trolled at the right speed.

Have Fun and enjoy the scenery!!! Tim
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