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jumping in

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okay i was sitting here thinking about a fishing trip last week i went out to riverbend ponds with a friend we fished for a couple hours and no luck so we walked over to the river i had a crawfish CB on and was just messing around i throw it in and as soon as it hit the water a rainbow killed it this fish must have jumped 5 ft out of the water i haven't seen a trout do this since i was a kid at stagecoach res. by steamboat . it was like slow motion both of us in awe so the fight was on and it was actually a good one i finally get him up to the shore i was about 3 ft from the water i bent down to un hook this beast and he got him self off. iat this point i went crazy trying to wrestle this guy down he was all slime a slipping out of my hand s like a little scared man in a prison shower trying to hold on to the soap. as he got closer to the water i thought i will get a pic. of you and now came the point of no return would i concede defete or go in with him so i did just that i went in head first looking like a lineman trying to scoop up a fumble well in the end he got a way and i got a bath. now looking at it. it reminds me of fishing with my uncle as a kid i dont believe that their was one trip that my uncle didnt chase a big fish into the water with a cigg. in one hand and a fresh made ham sandwich in the other. well thanks for listening and writing this took me 30mins i just couldn't stop luaghing i guess thats one of thoose things u had to be their bu t i am sure others who fish from shore can relate. :D
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I would love to have seen [email protected]!! :) The only time Ive ever jumped in the water was when my belly boat headed out to sea. I jumped, landed on it and it flipped over. I went right into the drink :)

[me=Jay_In_Parker] [/me]
yea my buddy was rolling on the ground laughing. as i said he is not as dedicated to fishing as more so even though he didn't catch anything it really made his day
I've done that quite often fishing for trout, especially on rivers. Now on the yampa river, when I get a big pike, I make sure to get OUT of the water so I don't get bit. LOL.
I had to dive into a lake in the flattops in late september to get my rod. A large mac had pulled it in I got the rod after the second lunge but then had to wade out to my neck to get the line off of a large rock.I ended up getting the fish,a 13 lb 33" mac!
when i was ateensger i lived in michigan and right after iceout the silvers would run up the river. iwas fishing on a pier at the mouth of a river and caught like four silvers and had my stringer tied to a ladder that went down into the water. well my dad pulled up and honked the horn so i grabbed my stringer and it had gotten tangled on the ladder. those were the biggest fish i had ever caught to that point in my life and i was not about to just leave them. so i climbed down the ladder half way up my chest and got them untangled. some guy asked me if it was worth it. i said hell yes and ran to the warm car where my dad was waiting. i have never been so cold
I have chased many a fish into the water, usually not intentionally. Trying to grab them as they slip and flop, sometimes its hard to slow that momentum down in time. The worst is when there is lose rock I sometimes beat the fish back into the lake. Granted alcohol may have been a factor in some of these.
ePIC is part sea otter...he just swims them down and catches them in his mouth...

The only one I remember is going to net a 5 pound Rainbow in the culvert pool where the creek dumps into Parvin Lake up by Red Feather...I stepped on a peice of grass thinking it was the was floating...I immediately went up to my neck in was the beginning of June and swollen with snowmelt runoff...I desperately spun around trying to dig my toes into the side of the pool while throwing the pole up on shore...I thought for sure I was going to drown...but got out checked my pole first still on...netted him but he almost got me...
A couple of years ago @ Jackson, I was fishing the northshore. I had tWo rods out. I told my son(2 years old) to watch the rods and if it moved to let me know(had to go grab something). When I came back, I asked him if any of the rods moved? He said one went into the lake- It didn't even dawn on me that I had set up two rods. I looked out towards the lake. There's the bottom of my rod floating the fish was still dragging it further out. It was about 150 yards out. I took off my shirt and jumped in. Got my rod and the 19 inch Wiper.

Same thing happen at Union, but I was sitting there watching it all happen. Wiper was ONLY 16 INCHES.
nice i take my daughter also 2 years old and thats always fun yea it is funny everytime i do it i dont think and next thing i know i am cheast deep chasing a fish thats allready gone.
The worst I had to do was get in up to my knees. Bank fishing without a decent rod holder, carp took I went running in after it. Then the carp broke the line. I was bummed I did not land it after having to chase it.

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