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Like Rattman said, watch some youtube videos. Man I wish I had youtube when I learned.. Practicing on grass is a good place to start. You will not be distracted by trying to catch fish while you figure out how to get the fly to the fish. The tangles are most likely due to the combination of a tailing loop and not letting the line straighten out before you start your next cast. Fishing ponds for warmwater is a great way to get familiar with the tackle. It is also alot of fun. I can't wait for warmwater fish to start looking up. Fishing poppers is a blast. Also for practice while you are getting the feel go a bit heavy and short on your leader. It will be more forgiving. try 5-7 1/2 foot to 2x or 3x. Until you get the feel and timing down.
Don't forget to stretch your leader to take all the curl out of it.
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