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Lake Pueblo for warm water.
up the hill, North slope recreation area also has trout and lakers, (3 reservoirs.)
You can hit Rampart Reservoir, east of Woodland Park,for trout and some lake trout. Access through the national forest entrance or hike down rainbow gulch trail.
Eleven mile for Trout, pike, and kokanee at times.
Spinney Reservoir for trout and pike
Antero for fast-growing trout.

The distance to Eleven Mile, Spinney, and Antero is equivalent to the South Denver area, so you could also consider Quincy res, Aurora res, cherry creek res, and Chatfield.

As far as lures and such, I'll leave it to more experienced people. I like Rapala in various sizes, 1.5" to 5" or so, but I mostly fish trout and pike.
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