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Karval on Easter

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Most of my time on this site is spent gaining as much free information as possible on Colorado fishing. That said I would like to thank most of you for the wealth of knowledge you bestow on anyone looking for info.
I am diffinetly a beginner in this state, even though I thought before moving here I knew how to catch fish.
There is one issue that I find so, frustrating. That is the reliability or rather the inaccurate information I find on DOW's website.
This past Easter I decided to do some Stillwater fly fishing at Karval state wildlife park, information I received from the state website indicated that it was stocked and Warm water species make it home. I took the long, flat, straight, boring drive out, to be given some disappointing info from a Ranger about the health of this fishery. He told me the PH of the lake was off and that he was surprised to see someone fishing. I told him of the information I got from the website and he told me to try Lake Kinney to the north. It was a short conversation and I figured he would know best so I packed up and went home.
The questions that are nagging me, was the lake stocked with trout even though the water quality is an issue?
Or was the website information wrong?
There are a few intersting locations out in the farm lands to the east that would be fun to me to visit but with this last trip seemingly a waste of time, is there a more reliable source of information?
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Ask here. While tactics and tips are a premium at times; there are those that will readily give out info about what you are seeking. Some may even PM you in return.
Ninja, thank you for advice.
Karval used to be a gem on the plains. You drove past my house on the way there. I fished it last year once without looking up the information you found and I was disappointed about how that place has gone to ****. At one time it was semi clear and grew the holdover trout out to 20+ inches. They began having problems with weed overgrowth causing PH problems with winter and spring kill. They did try to put som e grass carp in there but they weren't able to control the weed growth.

Kinney lake is a total put and take lake, small trout and most folks you see out there will be more than willing to show you how many types of powerbait they have.

Hugo ponds used to be great too, but I blabbed about it on here years ago and it got blown up with bucket brigade taking all the fish out. I don't care about them at all anymore, I learned my lesson about the internet when I spoke with folks who didn't know me personally but cited a report I posted as the reason they were out there to fish.
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I remember great days at Hugo too Koldkut. Haven't been back there in years either. Another example of needing better bag limits on smaller bodies of water.
Koldkut, that seems to be the case with out east. I guess the next trip out will be a scouting hike to Rahman, near Calhan. I know that it used to be dry not too long ago but it may be a good spot for rabbit hunting.
Seems like most all of the lakes out east have done the crash and burn. Rahmah used to have some decent pike fishing (or so I am told). You live out there you have to drive at least an hour to find fishable water.

And yes, the DOW reports are not to be trusted.
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