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Kayak differences

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Planning ahead for possible gift and a better looks like most fishing specific kayaks are approx $400 or approx $1k.....other than being a little longer, they really look the same. Is there a $500 difference between say the lifetime 120 and the cabelas advanced angler?
I think my main concerns would be stability on wind driven lakes like Hattie and 11 mile and all day comfort/usability.
$400 feels do-able. A grand does not.
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Also, if cost is same, canoe or kayak?
Where? Fishing yaks or reg?
alrighty, pretty sure this week an Ascend H12 is coming home with me to make nice with the lady for an anniversary (you think remembering the dam day would get me far enough, now I gotta buy a boat too)

everyone says longer/better paddle for the wide platform. what essentials should I snag too? what have you found to really improve your experience fishing from a kayak?
Oars. Rodholders. Cup holders. An anchor. Electronics.
I'd say oars are the most important.
we're goin fancy here, it has a built in cup holder.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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