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Just got back from the lake in Cottonwood Park. What a great little fishing hole if you don't mind the sound of traffic. I just recently moved to this area, and was sick of driving to places to fish, so I looked into fishing spots in Lakewood this morning.

I got out there around 11:15, and had the lake to myself the entire day. I caught a big smallmouth on my first cast, at least 14 inches in length and a tough fighter! Caught two more over the next hour or so, about 12-13 inchers. All were caught on the south end. I could see some HUGE catfish in there, but I'm a bass guy myself. The lake is overgrown on the north side and west sides so it's hard to really fish those areas, but the south and east sides are pretty nice.

Great place, thanks for the tip!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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