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Keep It Simple Stupid:

Material: Ice dub, 1/2 pearl, 1/4 light olive, 1/4 light purple or whatever colors you want.

Hook: TMC 5262 #12

Tungsten bead, lead wraps.

Thread: Red 6/0 uni or whatever.

Pull and stack ice dub to align fibers and mix dubbing.

Take a small clump and tie it in at the hook bend in the middle of the clump. Fold it back and secure with thread wraps. this forms the tail.

Make a dubbing loop with remaining ice dub. Wrap the dubbing rope forward pulling fibers back towards the tail as you go.

Tie off behind the bead.

Eyes: yellow nail polish with black nail polish pupil. then cover with head cement or sally's hard as nails.

This fly sheds water on the cast. is very translucent if you tie it sparse. The red thread shows thru the body. And the Ice dub moves and breathes almost as good as marabou.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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