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This has been asked before, but I am still hoping someone will come through...

There are a few of us who have been looking for pictures or plans of homemade kokanee jiggers used to jig cowbells or other flashers to attract kokes to an area so they can be caught with your rod.

I haven't found pictures or plans, but I am aware that people make them with windshield wiper motors. I saw some wiper motors with the wiper linkages on ebay. It looks easy to just mount these on a board, put an arm on each of the wiper shafts, and make a double-line koke jigger that pulls each line up alternately.

Has anyone made one, or could someone post a picture of one? It would be nice to see how others have done it.

Call the Valley Country store in Aurora.  The guy who works there (Tom??) makes them and you can go take a look at one of his.  I wasn't able to find pictures or plans online anywhere.
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