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Kriley 12/23/2005

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Fished Kriley this am from 7-noon. Between my son and me probably 30 fish or so. Mostly stocker bows a few small brookies. They were hitting on mealworms, wax worms, worms, salmon eggs, power maggots, bare rat finkeys. Pretty much anything you would put in front of them. For the 30 we iced we lost just as many. Be patient let them take the hook. Most were lip hooked.

Very windy, gusts strong enough to push us around and if we did not have cleats on we could not have stayed on the ice. The wind occasionally blew our rods across the ice. I kept imagining seeing a rod flying and the line coming out of the water with a fish on!

Ice is a solid 12-13 inches mostly clear ice. No slush on the ice, water out of the holes froze after a few minutes.

If you want to break a skunk or just make sure you ice fish quickly fish Kriley.

Nice place to take a kid, just be patient, lots of hits but only half are hookups.

Don't fish Kriley if you are looking for big fish. It ain't gonna happen there.

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Kewl...I didnt know there are brookies in there...
Catfishhunter and i went to Kriley today. I got the skunk but catfishhunter pulled in about a dozen fish. He caught several small bows and a few brookies, but the coolest of them all, he caught a sucker! We were using worms and salmon eggs. We fished from around 7 to about noon. the wind eventually drove us off the ice. I gave my ice cleats to catfishhunter and i had to hold on to the auger several times to keep from sliding across the ice.
So it was you Dan. Catfishhunter and i thought it might be you after you told us about Eleven Mile. We were the two teenagers that came in the Ranger. I am the guy who caught your run away sled.
Well hell! nice to meet you Hunterfishercamper and catfishunter! Thanks again for catching the sled. I put it in the trunk after that it only blew away like 3 times before that.

Sure was windy out there.

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