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Now, first off, I must make it clear that I have no connections with them and I can't profit in any way from this endorsement!

As the boat show will soon be upon us, however, I wanted to relate my good experiences with Aurora Marine. Since I bought my boat in 2002 until the present day, they have been great to work with.

The boat buying experience was just great and they have an excellent rigger (Brad) that patiently learns about your own personal fishing style to make sure the rigging matches your needs. The workmanship for the rigging itself was top notch.

I had a motor issue the first season and they worked directly with the manufacturer to get me a brand new lower unit (rather than just replacing the defective parts).

In each case when I bring my boat in for maintenance, they have been great to work with. I have had various minor performance related issues and they are quick to diagnose and give good suggestions. In my most recent trip there last week, even though there was a backlog of work, they were able to take care of my boat in less than one day!

All the interactions with them tell me that they understand the value of good customer service. I was also happy to see issues of Colorado Fisherman magazine for sale at their counter!

So, anyway, I just wanted to point this out for those looking at boat dealers. I do not mean to take away anything from other very good dealers that I'm sure are out there, but only relay my personal experiences about one that I have been very happy with.

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