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went to the sooner state for a few days with the wifey and son. worked an 11 hour shift and then drove another 11 hours through the hellhole known as kansas to the family farm. youd figure id go find a couch and crash... nah **** that, i went down to the ponds and had some fun for a few hours.

tied on a popper... and this was the result.

these were just a few. nothing like stupid farm pond fish slamming topwater lures.... after 20 or so fish, i hung it up and went to take a nap. got up in the afternoon, hammered out plans with soonerfisher, and we went to keystone spillway. fishing sucked, we caught 2 stupid gar. one was about 3 feet long, and tried taking a chunk out of my arm with his big nasty beak.
sorry for the shitty pics, yell at dale. lol. it was good hanging and chugging beers with him.

cant wait to go back thanksgiving weekend. hopefully tenkiller will be better times....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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