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lake estes

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fished lake estes on 5/3 caught alot of nice trout and a couple browns and some perch mostly on worms salmon eggs and caught some suckers for lake trout bait this weekend
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Do you fish Estes often? Did you get the perch from the smaller side of the lake, and if not where did you catch them ? Thanks.
catfishking, i was wondering were you caught the perch, i fished the pumps along the road and caught a bunch of rainbows
yes i fish it pretty often the perch are mainly on the lake estes side but i;ve heard there on the other side to just throw out some worms on the bottom and u should catch some
Hey if you don't mind, let me know the next time you're fishing (Estes). You're day (5-3) sounds better than any day me or my buddies have had there in the last year and a half! I'd love to learn your secrets and school them!  ;D My fishing partner (Ron Markel) does the fishing report for the Estes Park News. If you have any pictures of that stringer (from 5-3) or even just the Perch, he could put it in the paper. He's running out of material anyway.  ;) I was in the April 22nd issue. Do you ever fish Marys Lake. There are Lakers in there, and another one of my buddies has been trying to catch a sucker (unsuccsessfuly)  to use at Marys for bait. Anyway, I can have my gear in the car and be at Estes most days by 2:15 p.m.
next time i;m heading up that way i'll let u know i;ve fished marys a few times and caught rainbows is there alot of lakers in there and if u want to catch suckers just throw out a worm at lake estes and u might catch them i use to catch big ones there but i havent recently so maybe there numbers have gone down
How aften does a tiger muskie get pulled out of Lake Estes? I haven't ever heard any tiger reports for Lake Estes. I just know they are in there from the Tiger Muskie stocking list from the DOW out at Sportsman's Warehouse.
I've never seen it happen, but I do know they're in there. I don't think many people fish for them up here.
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