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Lake John Fishing Derby this weekend...

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Anyone going?
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we fished cowdry 3 days last week trying to find some big fish and good spots,found lots of 18 to 20 inch fish but those arent gonna win any tourneys. winner last year came out of there but that don't mean that there is a lot of big fish. cowdrey is pretty small. before it used to get fished so much it used to have some pigs in there but we sure couldn't find them. it hasn't winterkilled in 4 years so there might be some big ones in there. i think that the put a lot more big fish in john though as it is a much bigger section of water. just my 2 cents. we'll be up there trying to win some cash...old timers told me about the big fish from years ago,times have changed.. big fish are where you luck into them..
it'll be me and my fishing buddy hitting the tourney this weekend, my girl just wanted to fish the delaney tourney this year as that is the lake she always wants to fish anyway, she doesn't care much for john or cowdrey, she says the fish she catches there are too small.. go figure, i've created a monster. thanks bunches for the well wishes guys i'm really gonna need it. there are a lot of good fisherman that fish those tourneys..
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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