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Lake John

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Well,I had my second knee replacement surgery of the year July 18. I picked that time because fishing usually sucks from mid july 'til Labor Day anyway. I had the first one Dec. 27, which killed ice fishing season for me. Anyhow- I'm planning on hitting Lake John/Delaney's weekend of Oct.1,2. I haven't seen any reports on that area for quite some time(I've been watching the forum, even though I haven't been able to get out 'til now.) We hit John in early June w/moderate success-not too many, but better overall size than past couple of years. In late June, just before surgery, we stayed at Steamboat Lake for 3 days. Not as many fash as in past, but much larger on average. Most were in 16" to 18" range. Usual size up there is 12" to 14". Anyway, have some serious catching up to do, so please advise on Lake John/Delaney's.
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Hey davey, I was thinking about heading up the same weekend, we have did very good there this time of the year. I'll pull the boat up and check it out, provided no major storms are coming.
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