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Fished L.John 9/30-10/02. Mostly pretty slow, but caught several 1.5# to 4.5#. The larger ones were all rainbows, smaller ones were mostly cutbows. #16 bead head GRHE was the fly de jour. Tried hardware, plastics, wooly buggers, but only caught a few on buggers, none on anything else. But oh did they like those hares ears. The weather was just great, and still quite a few leaves on the aspens. All in all not a bad return to fishing after the knee surgery. It's still a little warm up there and will only get better as fall progresses. I broke off a lot of nice fish, which is something I rarely do. I use 4# fluorocarbon for tippets, and think that maybe the UV is affecting it too much as I generally leave the spool on the boat rail where it's easy to get at. Guess I'll have to get a new spool and keep it in a pocket.
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