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Well all. I was so excited to go to Lake Mac after all the reports that I heard. Me, my friend and my son left for the lake about 4pm on Friday. We were going to catch wipers no stop all night 8) Well anyway we get started fishing at about 7pm at the dam. There was a little wind but it wasnt too bad. I was casting a yo-zuri and caught 7 smallmouth bass before the sun went down. Not very big :(
After the sun went down the wind got a little worse. We got several bites but could not hook anything. I did catch 1 fish that almost looked like a mountian whitefish. I am not sure what it was. About 2am the wind stopped, the bugs then came out!! Those bugs like to get into your ears, nose, when you try to talk they even get into your mouth. Anyway my friend caught 1 catfish about 20" and 1 walleye about 19". We quit about 4:30am.
We got checked by the park rangers on the way out. They said that we should have been there last weekend ??? They said they havent seen anyone that night catch very much.
Next time I go I will go to the inlet of the lake for catfish. We might have done better if we had a boat I think.
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