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Lake Mac-7-18,pic

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Me and my bro arrived at Martin Bay on  sun. 7pm and launched boat,fished dam till 9pm. I got a 12" smally on a twister. We fished from shore just between boat ramp and dam at the picnic tables till 11pm with worms and sucker meat.Skunk so went to sleep.On monday, Launched boat at 6am and headed uplake for 15 mins to Lemoyne? and started drifting in 14 ft deep to 16 ft deep but nada. Headed out to 30 ft deep. started drifting with live 4" suckers and BOOM! first fish was a 9 lb channel cat.Nice fight. From 7-10 am we caught 15 channels with most 20-24" on the suckers or twisters or spinner rigs/worms.Most everything caught at least 1 cat. Also missed around 15 or so.After that the wind picked up some and the cats got real finicky,could still see them on the F/F but wouldnt bite.Headed to the south shore to try for wallys but missed one wicked bite on a spinner rig/worm.Quit fishin at noon and used the cleaning station below the dam. Great place,nice cats! Guess we needed crawdads for the wipeys!
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Nice fish we didnt catch any that big. I was really hoping to see a pic of a big walleye. Still did good though i still have no idea what u guys on boats mean when u say uplake to lemoyne. Damn i didnt know they still bite at 7 in the morning.
Man i love night fishing. I dont know how u guys do it, fishing in the hot sun in the middle of the day out on the water. I use to fish nee gronde with my pops on the boat o man got fried everytime. But guys with boats always have big walleyes LOL.
LOL nice shirt did it have pee on it J/K. Thats what i wanted to see some nice walleyes. Good job man.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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