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I would love some advice/tips as well. I'm reluctantly being dragged there late July.
I've always wanted to try there, but at a different time...
We're camping with a group, so spot is already picked...

My questions.. (pms would be great!)
First, I know it's late but would love to fish for Wipers or White Bass (preferably during the day). Actually, I'd be happy targeting anything other than Cats. (Nothing against whiskered fish, but that's what others camping with us will be after) Bass, Crappie, Trout etc...
Where is a good beach to take the kids? Or pretty much anywhere on the lake?
Would it be worth bringing boogie boards? (I know weather depending) Small waves would be fine..
Then, I'll probably love, I mean I wouldn't mind getting away. So any other close lakes to try?
Also, any good restaurants?

Also, Dave I expect you to hit me up with some info when you get back... Good luck & have a great trip
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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