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I would camp either sandy beach or cedar view area. I usually have good luck from shore on cedar views side of otter creek right on the point and about 200 yards to the left of that point all the way to where the trees start. I have caught pike, walleye, channels, bullheads, and sandies from there all last month. Just be careful with the wind and make sure your tent is anchored down very well and atleast 20 feet from the water. I have personally witnessed my tent flooding and coming un-anchored and blowing across the beach at night with me in it, I didn't think It was possible for a tent to blow away with not only 1 person but 2 people in it. There are also campgrounds down at northshore and Lemoyne area but I prefer to stay away from the crowds. Your best bet would probably be cedar view area this time of year on a weekend, unless of course you don't mind tons of people. Lake mac is in full effect right now and is packed every weekend for the next couple months, I was gonna go up last weekend on a whim but both vogles lodge and lure and the pleasant view motel were fully booked. Both those places, especially pleasant view, usually have plenty of rooms open I guess there were a couple big groups of walleye fisherman renting all the rooms is what I was told.

and golden rod I don't remember giving that lake too you ;) :D
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